Slumped Glass

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Many people also use the word "fusing" to include bending and shaping glass using the heat of a kiln. This manipulation can take many forms, but the most common is "slumping," where a mold is used to cause already fused glass to take on the shape of a bowl, a plate, or similar object. 

At County Glass, we can provide you with interior glass, from shelving to your own designed slumped glass doors, mirrors with slumped frames, bowls and candle holder to match.

We can slump almost any design into glass. Just imagine a shower screen with a lovely sea design, a table top with leaves and fruit or just have colour added. All the design are individually hand made, one off pieces of art. 

Slumped Frames mirror
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Candle Holders
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Hob Splashback
Image 1 This was made for a hob splash back and an narrow one was made for a sink splashback, it has black glass slumped into it and then pieces of mirror fitted into the back after the firing process.

Matching Sink Splashback
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koi design

close up view of koi

A customer wanted something a little different for her door glass so we arranged for her to come into our workshop with her children, whom left imprints of their hands in the sand inside the kiln, we then placed a large piece of glass on the imprints and fired the kiln, the glass was then sent to be toughened.

slumped glass with hand prints

Slumped bowls
Image 1 Selection of Slumped bowl, any colour available.

Slumped wine bottle tray

Medium slumped tray

small slumped tray

county glass and glazing for slumped glass,fused glass for splash backs, shower doors and much much more. Leaded glass, mirrors, shelving and all your glazing needs in Melksham, Wiltshire and all surrounding areas.