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No house can be called a house without doors otherwise it is just an open barn. Doors, whether wooden or UPVC, play a crucial role in the structure of a home. They help to keep us protected from the elements and are a big part of the security of a house. But the doors to our home, especially UPVC doors, do not just need to be functional. It is possible to mix function and style and that is one of the advantages especially with UPVC doors. As well as being able to really lean in to your individuality and choose colour, style, glass and door fixtures, you also have other added bonuses such as the easy, minimal upkeep and durability. UPVC doors have become more and more popular over the last twenty years to the point where they are the most common door type you will see, particularly on a residential home, and they tend to be fitted on most new builds these days. Considering all the good points there are about UPVC doors, and we have only just scratched the surface, you might be thinking you need to update the front and back doors to your home. You might be looking to switch from wooden to UPVC doors or you might just want to freshen up the frontage of your home. Whatever your reason, you need to know where to find great quality UPVC doors. But where, I hear you ask? For great quality UPVC doors look no further than the Midlands.
Now that might not have been the answer you were expecting but trust me, when it comes to UPVC doors the Midlands has the answer. Home to County Glass and Glazing, a family run business which has been a part of and servicing the glass industry for the last 18 years since the business was started in 2013, they are based approximately ten miles from Bath and 20 miles from Swindon. They are happy to service commissions from both the public and trades and when it comes to UPVC the Midlands team know exactly what they are doing. From design and decorative glass work to fitting and installation, County Glass and Glazing are the one stop shop when it comes to UPVC doors. The Midlands are proof in themselves with many houses displaying beautiful and neat frontages whether County Glass and Glazing have fitted windows, porches or UPVC doors.
The Midlands team are more than happy to sit with you and discuss exactly what you need and how to make it perfectly yours. They will help you add some flair to any glass in your new UPVC door allowing your style to not just be contained to inside your home but reflected outside as well. So, if you need UPVC doors the Midlands is where you need to be shopping. Call County Glass and Glazing to discuss your commission, they cannot wait to take your call! Do not delay, treat yourself to new doors today!

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