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I do not know about you but one of my ultimate pet peeves in life are shower curtains. Seeing a shower curtain does not automatically cause me to go in to a wild rage and I do not have a phobia of them. I understand their function and I would class them as a vital piece of bathroom equipment. My annoyance with shower curtains is when they stick to you as you are showering. I have never understood why it feels like static draws them towards your body but the feel of a cold, wet shower curtain touching my body as I am showering makes me want to cry, scream and rip it off the rail. Genuinely it is not uncommon for my spouse to hear me telling the shower curtain off in the morning when I am getting ready for work, like that makes any difference! And it always seems to strike when I am washing my face, eyes closed as I have face wash lathered all over and I am completely defenceless and disorientated.
So having given you some context to my frustrations you can probably now understand why I am the world’s biggest fan of bespoke glass shower doors. The Midlands company County Glass and Glazing have been providing bespoke glass showers doors to the public and trade across Bath, Swindon and everywhere in between. Having started saving bathers in 2013 when they first opened their doors, they have been making sure no one is being attacked by a cold, wet shower curtain whilst showering peacefully for the last 18 years. What are the advantages of bespoke glass shower doors? The Midlands have many homes where the bathrooms are full of bespoke glass shower doors and the resident of these home will probably agree with what I am about to say. Having a bespoke glass shower door can elevate the look and aesthetic of any bathroom, giving it a sophisticated and luxury feel. Bespoke glass shower doors are also easier to clean and it is much easier to prevent build ups of bacteria. When bespoke glass shower doors are fitted properly and professionally by companies such as County Glass and Glazing, they have a great watertight seal which will avoid splashes and puddles in your bathroom. And the best reason of al? No more sneak attacks by shower curtains during a relaxing shower!
When it comes to bespoke glass shower doors, the Midlands has the people you need to fit the perfect one in your bathroom. Bathrooms of any size can have bespoke glass shower doors fitted and County Glass and Glazing are more than happy to discuss your measurements, specifications and design choices to make sure you get the perfect one. SO, if you want to stop arguing with your shower curtain, you need to look in to bespoke glass shower doors. The Midlands top team is waiting for your call. Make sure you call them today to start enjoying your showers again!

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