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We all know that a home is much more than just a building, and as a house grows older it can develop an identity and a story all of its own. This is one of the reasons that older properties are so popular these days, and there is a real move to renovate and restore traditional features like traditional exposed wood beams, original stone work, hearths and, of course, period lead windows. The Midlands are no exception and property owners all across the area are looking for high quality tradespeople who can provide traditional skills and help maintain traditional building features.
County Glass and Glazing Ltd are a family owned and operated firm who are based in Holt, in Wiltshire, who can provide all of the high-quality professional help with period lead windows The Midlands property owners need. But before we talk about County Glass and Glazing Ltd, one of the best providers of period lead windows The Midlands has to offer, let us find out what period lead windows are and why they are such a popular design choice for properties across The Midlands and the rest of the country!
Period Lead Windows
The Midlands or elsewhere, period lead windows are a classic glazing option that really add a touch a class and timeless elegance to a property. Period lead windows refer to an older window style that came into use from the end of the Middle Ages as glass began to be used for windows. At the time glass was very expensive and hard to work with, and it was nearly impossible to produce large panes of glass. Instead of a single large pane of glass, windows would be made of smaller pieces of glass that were joined together with thin bars of lead. Period lead windows became a classic design and examples of period lead windows can still be found on older properties. Modern plate glass windows are beautiful, but they can look out of place on an older property, whereas the period lead windows The Midlands homeowners can access are perfect when added to an older property to really complete a traditional style.
Modern Period Lead Windows the Midlands
While period lead windows are still a popular choice, improvements in window design and glass production mean that larger sheets of glass can be made for use in windows. While modern window technology has improved, it is still easy to replicate the style of period lead windows while still getting all the benefits of modern glass production. The team at County Glass and Glazing Ltd are experts in all areas of glass manufacturing and fitting, and they can provide all the period lead windows The Midlands properties need, with all the benefits of modern double glazing.
Able to be fitted into traditional wood or modern uPVC frames, and made from energy efficient, modern treated glass, these really are the period lead windows The Midlands need. Get in touch with County Glass and Glazing Ltd today for the best modern period lead windows The Midlands has to offer.

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