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Decorating a house is a labour of love. It can take a lot of time, effort and work. It involves planning, design, sourcing the right tools, products and paints and that is before we even consider the finishings. Even though it does take a lot of work to decorate a house, and it could be months before you have achieved the end result you have been dreaming of, all that effort and hard work is worth it in the long run. Putting that effort in is the crucial step in turning your house in to a home. When starting to redecorate it is important to not just think about what changes you will make be making to the walls with the obvious choices being paint or wallpaper, but also considering other aspects like will you be fitting panelling? Will you be replacing floors? If so, will you choose hardwood or carpet? Have you got little ones to consider and need to think about clever storage? If there are little ones running around you need to give important thought to the finishing touches such as ornaments, art work and centre tables. It can be hard work trying to balance your decorative vision and aesthetic with trying to keep your house practical and safe for younger children and making sure any beloved pieces are not casualties to play time.
One of the best ways to pull together new finished and fresh decorating is to consider wall hangings such as art and mirrors. Mirrors really are a beautiful finish to space and can bring everything together. Mirrors are a great way to add even more light to a space by reflecting the light already in that area. If you have a smaller room or a room that does not get a lot of natural light then you should really consider adding a mirror to brighten everything nicely. There are so many options for mirrors and mirrored wall hangings out there but sometimes finding the piece that is exactly to your taste and style can be quite the search. Knowing where to look for quality, unique mirrors will help to shorten the amount of time you spend searching. So that begs the question, where can you look for beautiful mirrors? The Midlands.
They may not have been the answer you were expecting but trust me, if you need mirrors, the Midlands is where you need to be looking. Home to County Glass and Glazing, this company has been designing, creating and producing beautiful commissions for all aspects of glass and glazing including mirrors. The Midlands County Glass and Glazing is a family owned and run business that has been lending their expertise, craft and skills to the glass industry since 2013, for the last 18 years, so if you need the perfect wall hanging to finish off your space and for that reason you are after mirrors, the Midlands glass experts are the people you need to call. Be sure to contact them today to discuss your commission!

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