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Many of us are making improvements and changes to properties whether they be a residential or business property. I am great believer that after spending some time living or working in a space you really get a feel for what you want the space to do and how it could work for you. It does take some time to realise the full potential of any space and unlock that within a property. Many people are deciding to expand or add to the space they are in instead of relocating and moving. This makes perfect sense, especially if the only reason you need to move is for extra space, and you have the usable ground space around you that you can use.
Extensions of all varieties are being added to buildings up and down the country. Some people are adding the more style of traditional conservatory, others are extending their building and adding a glass roof. Apart from this looking beautiful, having wow factor, being a statement and a great additional feature to a building, it also allows plenty of natural light to flood in to the space and makes the room feel bigger. Another bonus is being able to watch the rain hitting the glass and getting to hear that gorgeous sound is also another great reason to consider having this style of roof on an extension. To get that effect and be able to have a glass roof as part of your extension it requires using tools called roofing bars so that batons can be evenly spaced on the roof that is being worked on therefore the glass panels will be able to be placed evenly and securely. There will not be many people who have the tools, knowledge, time and skills to be able to build their own extension complete with glass roof so it requires calling in some experts with the know-how. Where can you find these experts who know how to wield roofing bars? The Midlands, that is where!
It might not be the place you would first think of but tucked away between Bath and Swindon is a family run business called County Glass and Glazing, the wielders of roofing bars, the Midlands best kept secret. Having set up their business in 2013, for the last 18 years they have been providing their expertise in all things glass, glazing and roofing bars. The Midlands have been able to go to them for all their glass and glazing needs whether they need a commission for a mirror or need them to fit a beautiful roof on a conservatory or extension. County Glass and Glazing are open to both the public and trade so no one has to miss out on being able to tap in to their skills, especially with roofing bars. The Midlands County Glass and Glazing team are more than happy to answer any questions you have and explain what you need with roofing bars. The Midlands expert team are waiting for your call!

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