Bespoke Glass Shower Doors Alderbury

Bespoke Glass Shower Doors Alderbury
Are you looking for bespoke glass shower doors in Alderbury? County Glass and Glazing are a local business with over 25 years’ experience using glass for beautiful creations.
How long has glass been around? Well, quite a bit longer than us! The Romans were the first known to use glass for windows, in around 100 AD. However, these were very different to the flat sheets of glass we use today for our modern windows – they were essentially glass jars that had been flattened into sheets shot through with circular striations. Flattened windows that could be clearly seen through would take another one thousand years to develop.
The first man made glass was around 3500BC in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia Egypt, Syria and the eastern coast of the Mediterranean became known as glass manufacturing centres. Initially the process to create glass was time consuming and cumbersome. Furnaces were small and could not reach ideal temperatures. Then the blow pipe was invented in Syria in the first century BC, which meant that glass could be made more quickly and easily, and therefore more cheaply. Glass production bloomed in Italy and spread throughout the Roman Empire. By 1000 AD Alexandria, Egypt, had become known for glass making.
In 1902 the sheet glass drawing machine was invented which enabled mass production of window glass.
As we see, humans have been making use of glass for a very long time. However, one thing we all know about glass – it’s fragile. And if it breaks, it can be dangerous. So why would you want it in your shower?
In shower doors, the glass is tempered. Tempered glass is heated and rapidly cooled, leaving it much more durable. This also means that if the glass breaks, it will break into many small pieces, rather than large, jagged pieces. Typical shower glass in the UK is between 5mm and 12mm thick and depends on the best balance between weight and durability. Glass shower doors can last for many years if made and installed competently. Glass shower doors complement a well-planned and beautiful bathroom by allowing more light and the illusion of space. A shower curtain, no matter how well matched to your bathroom, can collect mould, but glass can be wiped clean easily and keeps more water inside your shower, where it should be.
So why should customers in Alderbury choose bespoke glass shower doors?
As previously stated, bespoke glass shower doors can be a beautiful long-lasting part of your home if made and installed competently. However, where this has not been the case, you can quickly run into problems. If your glass shower door has been bought ‘off the shelf’, it will not be a perfect fit for your room. This can create problems with installation, meaning potential leaks. It can also mean that your shower glass door does not perfectly match the fixtures used, creating a risk of your glass door shifting out of place and eventually falling or breaking. These risks can be minimised by choosing a competent manufacturer such as County Glass and Glazing, near Alderbury, to design and install your bespoke glass shower door, perfectly, to measure.

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