Roofing Bars Alderbury

Roofing Bars Alderbury
Roofing bars, also known as glazing bars, are an essential component of any glass roof. These are the strips of wood, metal or UPVC which hold in place the sections of a roof, whether they are glass, wood, or other materials. The bars you choose, and use will depend on your structure – what it is made of, and whether the roof is intended to be self-supporting or whether it will cover a framework below. Good quality bars, installed by experts, will ensure the life of your structure is extended and wear and tear from the elements is kept to a minimum.
Customers looking for roofing bars in Alderbury should contact County Glass and Glazing in the first instance. County Glass and Glazing are a family-owned business and welcome commissions for all types of glass work and glazing.
Conservatories have massively increased in both affordability and popularity in recent years. In the UK they originated as early as the 1500s when wealthy lords of the manor became interested in the possibility of growing citrus fruits from warmer regions in the UK’s colder climate. The buildings came to be known as Orangeries, and the glass used in the construction ensured warmer temperatures inside than outside. Conservatories started to become inviting places to sit, relax and appreciate the calming effect of being surrounded by delicate and beautiful greenery.
Magnificent public conservatories began to spring up in the UK particularly during the Victorian Age. Kew Gardens has notable examples and perhaps the most famous of all was the magnificent Crystal Palace, built to host the Great Exhibition of 1851.
The problem with Victorian, and earlier, conservatories, was the materials available at the time for their structure. Cast iron did not have the tensile strength required for the skeleton of conservatories. Wrought iron was a much better material, but expensive. In 1856 Henry Bessemer invented a process to produce steel cheaply. Steel was harder, had more tensile strength and suitable for roofing bars in conservatories. Since then, other technological advances, such as double glazing, central heating and self-cleaning glass have made conservatories easier and cheaper to build and maintain. Modern conservatories may be made using argon impregnated glass, heat reflective film, thermal ribbons, or thermal breaks, with roofs and frames using PVCu, aluminium and timber.
Customers looking to install or repair either a whole conservatory or just roofing bars in Alderbury can benefit from the latest technologies combined with years of practical experience when they choose County Glass and Glazing. A roof is a building’s first defence against the elements and needs to be of sturdy and watertight construction. But you also want your structure to look appealing. Our roofing bars come in a range of colours to match your chosen conservatory or building framework. Our roofing bars for Alderbury customers are high quality – they look good and they last. Along with other quality materials used in your conservatory or building in Alderbury, you can be sure that the roofing bars supplied by County Glass and Glazing will be the right choice.

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