UPVC Doors Alderbury

UPVC Doors Alderbury
If you’re looking for a new front door in Alderbury, you may have considered buying a uPVC door. Which of course begs the question, what actually are UPVC doors?
UPVC is unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. (So now you know.) Vinyl Polymer is bonded with chlorine to create the material, which is technically not a plastic, although we always think of it as such. No additives have been added into the material during its manufacture: unlike composite doors, which are made of several different materials. The molten uPVC is put into a mould which is then quickly cooled. The individual pieces are then cut to size and fitted around an insulated steel frame.
UPVC doors are a continually popular choice for the following reasons:
They are cost effective – cheaper than composite or solid wood doors yet offering many of the same benefits.
They are strong - Modern UPVC doors are built with a galvanised steel core. These babies are tough!
They are secure – Super strong frame and multi point locks mean baffled burglars in Alderbury.
They are easy to look after – no painting, stripping, varnishing – just a wipe clean every so often.
They are insulating – UPVC has low thermal conductivity, which prevents external temperature changes affecting the internal side of the door. If it’s cold, your house stays warm – if it’s hot, your house stays cool. Less money spent on heating or air conditioning bills!
They reduce noise – UPVC doors can reduce the amount of noise seeping through from outside. Combined with double glazed uPVC framed windows, this can have a significant noise cancelling effect.
They are long lasting- UPVC doors can last between 10 and 20 years. They won’t rot, rust, warp, fade or discolour.
They look good – remember the eighties? Remember all those stark white Lego Land doors and window frames? UPVC has come a long way since then! UPVC is now available in many different colours and even wood grain finishes.
They are fire resistant – wooden doors will of course burn, but UPVC is almost impossible to set alight.
As at the time of writing, all UPVC doors must be energy rated to conform to building regulations.
In fact, uPVC is such a useful material that as well as being used for doors and window frames, it’s also used for fascia, siding, weatherboarding, waste pipes, drain pipes, down pipes and guttering. Most of these items were once made using cast iron, which of course was heavy, brittle, and prone to rust.
Customers looking to buy uPVC doors in Alderbury can confidently turn to County Glass and Glazing. Your UPVC door can be enhanced with beautiful glass, created by competent craftsmen. County Glass has been working with glass for nearly 30 years and are local to Alderbury. Their website’s gallery has examples of their completed work, including UPVC doors which have been beautifully made and expertly installed.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for UPVC doors in Alderbury, and you’re considering County Glass and Glazing, you’ve made the right choice!

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