Glass balustrades

At County Glass & Glazing Ltd, we specialise in all things glass. Our family-run company is based in Wiltshire, where we make a variety of glass-based creations based on your input. We accept commissions for all types of glass and glazing work, whether it is for your private property or an architectural building. Some products we specialise in include:
Leaded Glass
Double Glazed Units
Windows and Doors
We also specialise in glass balustrades, which can often be a beneficial choice to make your house more aesthetically pleasing and even more practical.
What Are Glass Balustrades?
A glass balustrade is a railing or fence made entirely or partially of glass. You can have it installed on your staircase, landing, balcony or even at the entrance of your home. The glass used can be tempered, laminated, or toughened glass. Cutting-edge technology has made it easy to create beautiful pieces of glass which are handcrafted and can also be customised according to the design and layout of your interiors. You can choose from various colours and designs to suit your taste and décor. You can even opt to combine materials like glass, wood, and metal to create stunning designer balustrades.
What to Consider Before Installing a Glass Balustrade
Before you decide to install a glass balustrade, you should consider the following points:
What is the architectural design of your house? You should choose a design and layout that complements your home’s architectural style. For example, if your home has a contemporary décor, you could opt for a similar design.
What is the design and layout of your staircase? The glass balustrade you choose should complement the design and layout of your staircase or balcony.
What kind of texture is present in your home’s interior? For example, if you have wooden flooring or a hardwood staircase, you could opt for hardwood or bamboo in your balustrades. Alternatively, you could choose a similar texture in another material like glass, stone, or marble.
Advantages of Using Glass in Balustrades
Glass is a versatile and stunning material that we here at County Glass & Glazing Ltd use to create stunning designer balustrades. Here are some advantages of using glass in your balustrades: -
Versatility - You could create a design in any shape, size, and texture with glass. You could even create a design in a variety of colours.
Cost-effectiveness - Glass balustrades are relatively less expensive compared to other materials like wood, marble or stone.
Sustainable Design - Glass balustrades are eco-friendly and sustainable. They do not require much maintenance and are durable.
Resilience - Glass is resilient, which means that it can withstand the test of time and any weather conditions. Therefore, it could remain intact even when subjected to harsh weather conditions.
Easy Maintenance - You could clean glass balustrades with a simple sponge and water.
Why You Should Get Glass Balustrades with County Glass & Glazing Ltd
County Glass & Glazing Ltd offers a range of glasswork and varieties of glass balustrades, including a 10mm balustrade and a stairwell balustrade. However, we also provide efficient glasswork catered specifically to you. Our slogan is “Bringing your designs to life”, and we do this by listening to our customers and implementing their ideas into our glasswork and glass balustrades.

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