Balcony balustrading

What Is Balcony Balustrading?
Having a home with a fantastic view is every homeowner’s dream. Of course, most of us would choose to live in homes with unobstructed views of nature. However, if you don’t have a house with the perfect view from the balcony, you can always add one by installing a Balcony Balustrade. A balustrade is an architectural feature that adds beauty and security to any building or home. It is used primarily as an aesthetic and safety feature. It helps prevent accidents and falls by reducing the chance of someone accidentally falling by leaning over the edge of a balcony or other open-air area. Here at County Glass & Glazing LTD, we provide for all your glass and glazing needs, including different varieties of balcony balustrading, here in Wiltshire and surrounding areas.
The Benefits Of Installing A Balcony Balustrade
There are many benefits, both aesthetic and practical, that come with installing a balcony balustrade with County Glass & Glazing LTD:
Safety: One of the most significant advantages of installing a balustrade is safety. They provide a barrier between the open space of a balcony or another type of opening and people walking around below the area.
Enhanced aesthetics: One of the best reasons to install a balustrade is to enhance the look of your home. They are a great way to increase the value of your property. If you plan to sell your home, a balustrade is a cheap and easy way to make it more attractive to potential buyers.
Improved functionality of space: If you don’t have an ideal view from the balcony area of your home, you can always add a balustrade to make it more functional.
Cleaner Environment - A balcony without a balustrade can be an ugly sight. It can be covered in dirt and grime and be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. By installing a balustrade, you can keep your balcony clean and uncluttered while still enjoying it.
Installing a Glass Balustrade
A glass balustrade is the best option if you want something transparent, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. It is commonly used in areas where safety is a concern and in high-traffic areas where it can get dirty. While it is an affordable option when it comes to installing a balustrade, it does require a lot of maintenance. You will need to clean and polish it regularly to keep it looking beautiful. On the other hand, a glass balustrade is easy to install and is cost-effective. It is also available in many different styles, shapes, and sizes.
Our Balcony Balustrading
County Glass & Glazing LTD offers different types of balustrading, including a 10mm balcony balustrade. We also provide glass stairwell balustrades. These can be framed with wood to give your house a classic aesthetic.
Why You Should Hire Us
County Glass & Glazing LTD is a family-run business where we cater specifically to your needs; after all, our slogan is “Bringing your designs to life”! Our company displays the creativity that can come with glasswork, offering a range of different styles of balcony balustrading. We welcome commissions for all aspects of our glasswork, whether you’re buying for a private residence or an architectural building.

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