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One of the best and most exciting parts of home ownership is being able to do work on the property. Unfortunately, this is a also a big responsibility and it can be a bit of a challenge, especially on older properties or buildings that have unique features. Homes in Devizes often have unique and classic features and these need to be properly understood, managed and maintained. One feature that older houses often have in the area around Devizes is period lead windows. Devizes or elsewhere, period lead windows are a unique feature that adds style and charm to an older property, but they need to be well looked after by tradespeople who have an expert understanding of traditional methods and tools.
If you are looking for help with period lead windows, Devizes or elsewhere, take a moment to read up on what period lead windows are, what you need to know about them and where to go for the best help with period lead windows Devizes has to offer.
Period Lead Windows
Devizes homeowners may wonder what is really meant by period lead windows, and why they are so important to the age and style of older properties. Glass has been used since ancient times, but until relatively recently it was impossible to create large pieces of glass like we use in windows today. As the required technologies developed during the Renaissance period, lead windows began to be designed that joined smaller pieces of glass together using lead bars called ‘came’ to produce larger pieces that could glaze windows. These were usually too expensive for domestic use and were only used by wealthy families. Because they were expensive, windows were often seen as status symbols, and period lead windows were used as statement pieces on by homeowners.
Nowadays lead windows are used more for decorative additions than as a standard glazing option, and factory formed plate glass and double glazing has become to cheap and easy go to. Sadly, many glaziers have lost the ability, skill and knowledge required to replace, repair and maintain the period lead windows Devizes homes still have. Fortunately, there is still one firm who can offer all the help with period lead windows Devizes homeowners need!
County Glass and Glazing Ltd
County Glass and Glazing Ltd are a family owned and operated glazing firm who are based in Holt, Trowbridge, Witshire, and who are experts in all areas of glazing, windows and glass art. Unlike more commercial glazing firms who rely on mass produced products and standardised services, County Glass and Glazing Ltd are able to provide a wide range of expertise, including specialism in period lead windows. Devizes or elsewhere in the Wiltshire area, County Glass and Glazing Ltd are able to advice, support, repair and replace all sorts of period lead windows as well as offering modern design options, glazing and bespoke features. Whether you need the best period lead windows Devizes has to offer, or something else glass related, get in touch with the team today!

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