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Glass is a powerful tool in building design, and ever since the Roman era, buildings have used glass to let in light, decorate window spaces and create beautiful structures. Modern construction often makes great use of glass and glazing to great effect, and icon structures like the Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 or the Eden Project make great use of glass to create a sense of weightlessness, timeless beauty and sleek lines. Fortunately though, glass is not only an option for huge construction projects and homes in Devizes can also benefit from the use of glazing to create dynamic, beautiful building features.
One of the best options for domestic glazing projects are roofing bars. Devizes home owners might not have heard of roofing bars, but they are an excellent feature that opens up a wide range of glass and glazing opportunities on all sizes and styles of properties. If you live in Devizes or the surrounding area, take a moment to read about roofing bars, and where to go for the very best roofing bars Devizes homeowners can trust.
What are Roofing Bars?
Devizes homeowners may find themselves asking, what are roofing bars? Devizes or elsewhere, roofing bars are a frequent feature on many homes and they are used to create glazed roofing and glass structures that are safe and strong. Otherwise known as ‘muntins’ or ‘sash bars’, roofing bars are the narrow strips or metal, plastic or timber that separate smaller panes of glass, forming a wider area of glazed space. When used for areas of glazed roofing, roofing bars become integral to the strength of the structure, and provide rigidity and durability, as well as a pleasing design feature.
Roofing bars, Devizes or anywhere else are essential to the different styles and finishes for glazing, and the different layouts of roofing bas and sash bars are often a key element of a design style. Whether you are looking for a clean, contemporary finish or a more traditional colonial style or period look, roofing bars can be laid out in different ways to produce a different finish.
Where to go for Roofing Bars, Devizes
Homeowners or designers who are looking for the best options in roofing bars, Devizes, should take a look at the work of County Glass and Glazing Ltd. The family owned and operated firm have produced high quality roofing bars, windows and glass art for nearly two decades from their local workshop, and the team are able to provide all of the roofing bars Devizes could possible ever need in a wide range of finishes, designs and styles. From bespoke designs and unique finishes through to advice and support with existing roofing bars, Devizes homeowners can turn to County Glass and Glazing Ltd for anything they need.
If you are looking for the best roofing bars Devizes has to offer, why not take a look at the online portfolio of work available on County Glass and Glazing Ltd’s website, or get in touch with the friendly team and book a personalised consultation for yourself!

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