Mirrors Axford

Mirrors Axford
Mirrors have long been a staple in room decor for many years. The simplicity and beauty of a mirror, coupled with its functionality and design, means this humble home accessory can be adapted in various ways to provide the right shape and style for any aesthetic.
Mirrors, however, aren't just used as a reflective surface for people to see themselves in, although this is still the number one reason to install mirrors in your home. People looking for mirrors Axford are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of having a mirror to help them increase the light within a room and out to help add an extra element of design to modern home decor and styles in every room of the room.
Choosing the Perfect Mirror Axford.
When placed correctly within a room, mirrors can add depth and complexity and increase visual perception in any given space, be it a residential property or a commercial area such as an office building, receptions, waiting rooms, and more.
A mirror opposite a window in bedrooms and living rooms can help reflect natural light into a room and allow for a brighter space.
Place a long freestanding mirror at the end of a closed n hallway to increase the light and add a feeling of spaciousness to the area instead of windows. Unlike other permanent features, mirrors can be easily removed and readjusted to allow for decor changes and styling options over time. The best part is that you can never have too many mirrors.
However, the mirror you choose needs to fit well within its location, and the space and size need to complement its chosen home be it wall-mounted, freestanding or used as an entire wall for dance studios and rehearsal spaces.
County Glass and Glazing Mirrors Axford
At County Glass, we are experts in mirrors and glazing, and we offer a wide selection of mirror styles and designs for all our customers. We appreciate that everyone has different needs when it comes to mirrors, and we can work with you to ensure you find the right style in the right size for your needs.
From simple sheet mirrors with no details to more intricate designs including bevelled edges or even bespoke mirrors that allow you to fuse colours into the mirror for increased depth and added visual complexity.
Our team are experts in assisting customers with finding the right mirror or glass options for their home. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, we help you to design custom mirrors of any size or share our portfolio with you to allow you to see the full range of options available and completed for previous customers. Whatever type of mirrors you need, we are on hand to discuss the many options available.
We pride ourselves on being able to cater to the needs of all our customers and strive to offer the best service possible for every person. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the correct mirror for your home, studio, gallery, workspace and more.

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