Period Lead Windows Axford

Glass has been used for centuries to protect homes and create decorative objects; we continue in this tradition at County Glass and Glazing. Whether you need new glass for your front door or roof or want to make your ideas a reality, you’ve come to the best place for glass in Axford.
Period Lead Windows
If you’re looking for authentic decorations for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Period lead windows were developed in the 15th century when small glass panes are connected using lead strips to form a larger pane. They fell out of fashion for some time but are popular again.
Period lead windows give your home a warm and authentic appeal, which is one reason they’ve come back into vogue. However, it’s important that you install your windows correctly and maintain them properly. County Glass and Glazing specialise in period lead windows for homes.
Sumped Glass
Decorative windows are perfect for glass front doors, bathroom windows, skylights, and much more, and one of the best ways to invest in them is to buy sumped glass. Sumped glass is a process of heating and bending the glass to create frosting and many other decorative patterns.
County Glass and Glazing has a wide range of sumped glass for interiors as well as windows and doors. Simply choose the sumped glass product you want or take to us about creating an original sumped glass product for your home. We can sump any design you have into glass.
Fused Glass
Glass is an excellent material to work with; not only does it look pretty and provide lasting strength, but it’s incredibly flexible and can be fused to create innovative designs and decorations. At County Glass and Glazing, we work with you to create the best outcomes.
When glass is heated, it begins to soften, but if the heating continues, it becomes fluid and can combine with other glass to create new items. Not only can you buy creative glass products from the website, but you can talk to us about your ideas and make your own fused glass items.
Glazed Roofs
Nowadays, many homes have a glazed roof somewhere on the property; it could be an extension, a skylight, a garden room, or something else. Glazed roofs are popular because they increase natural light and help to reduce energy costs by allowing sunlight in and trapping heat.
Whether you want to install a new glazed roof on your property or update an existing one so that it is newer or more decorative, County Glass and Glazing has you covered. Contact us today to find out more about what services we offer and obtain a quote for your glazed roof project.
County Glass and Glazing
County Glass and Glazing is a family-owned business with passion and experience in glass making. We provide decorative glass items for your home along with more conventional glass for doors and windows. We also specialise in period lead windows, Axford. Contact us through the website today for a free consultation.

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