UPVC doors Melksham

UPVC Doors Melksham

If you are looking at having your doors replaced, then you should consider the benefits of UPVC doors. With UPVC doors, Melksham homeowners will benefit practically but also aesthetically. It may be that you have always had wooden doors, especially if your property is older. For many years, you may have thought that you should stick with wood as the external material of choice for your windows and doors. But this may not be the best option for your Melksham property. What is the UPVC used in UPVC doors, and why should Melksham homeowners consider fitting UPVC doors?
UPVC stands for un-plasticised poly vinyl chloride. Since the 1980s, it has been more commonly referred to as PVCu, which is how it is known in Europe, but this is exactly the same material – PVCu is just the same words in a different order. UPVC or PVCu is a powder, which is heated, melted and injected into moulds to form the shape required. What is produced is a lightweight plastic which is popular for windows but also as UPVC doors Melksham homeowners can have installed in their house. What are the advantages over traditional doors made of wood?
One advantage, surprisingly enough, is aesthetic. In the past, UPVC doors were consider an unattractive but cost-effective option. Modern production methods, however, have opened up a range of effects and colours, so that the UPVC doors Melksham customers can choose need not detract from the appearance of the property. In fact, with some of the wood effect options available on the market the final appearance of the UPCV doors Melksham customers can purchase can be better than actual timber doors.
Another advantage is the strength of the door in relation to its weight. Do not be fooled by the fact that the door is lighter than a timber equivalent, UPVC doors are robust. But the nature of UPVC doors Melksham customers can install is such that often the locks can be more secure, since the integral locks which secure several points of the door give great security to your property.
Another advantage is the ease of maintenance. One problem with a timber door is the need to keep it well maintained. This can be time consuming and costly, as a timber door needs re-treating on a regular basis. As well as the cost, treating all the wood without catching the handle, locks or windowpane can be fiddly. In contrast, UPVC is very low maintenance and needs little more than a clean periodically to keep it looking as good as new.
When it comes to UPVC doors, Melksham homeowners can turn to County Glass. They are specialists in doors and windows. When it comes to UPVC doors, Melksham customers can rely on the quality of work and service that County Glass provide. You can see some of their work in the gallery, including examples featuring leaded glass. Why not contact them today to speak to their specialists about the options for UPVC doors Melksham homeowners have available?

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