Period lead windows Melksham

Period Lead Windows Melksham

If you own a house in the Melksham area, there is a large chance that it has period lead windows. In many houses with period lead windows, Melksham homeowners know that the distinctive style is an integral part of the appearance of the house. For the same house to have, for example, a large single pane window would entirely alter the appearance of the house. However, this does mean that with period lead windows, Melksham homeowners need to be careful when having work done on the house in order to make sure that the existing windows are maintained and that new windows match the style of the house.
Lead windows are windows made up of several smaller pieces of glass, held together by a lead framework. This style of windows has been a part of British architecture for many years. The first written records of lead windows date back to the twelfth century in the writings of a monk, Theophilus. In the Middle Ages, this was mainly for making stained glass windows for churches. In more modern times, period lead windows were a way of constructing large windows for homes. Glassmaking processes were not as reliable as modern glassmaking methods, and it was better to have smaller pieces of glass making up larger period lead windows Melksham homeowners could buy to let light into their properties.
With period lead windows, Melksham homes may have designs which are simple grid works, or they may have a pattern in the glass, such as a flower. However, the basic makeup of the period lead windows remains the same. The lead is cast into a bar with a cross section like a capital letter ‘H’. This has the benefit of reducing the weight of the lead and the window as well as having a groove on either side which can securely hold the glass pieces. Where the lead frames meet, they are soldered to make a firm joint.
If your Melksham property has period lead windows, then this has implications for the maintenance and development of your property. Most obviously, if a window is broken or you are having an alteration made to your house, you will need to make sure that you can deal with a company that specialises in producing period lead windows that will fit in with the overall aesthetic of your property and match your existing windows exactly. When it comes to period lead windows, Melksham property owners can turn to County Glass. Their specialist craftsmen can match your new windows to what you already have. Look at their gallery of leaded glass designs to see examples of their work. Equally, you may need to maintain or repair period lead windows, perhaps because of cracking to the lead. Few companies offer this service, but County Glass can help you. This is just one of the services they offer, as well as more modern options like UPVC windows. Why not contact them today for help with period lead windows Melksham homeowners can trust.

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